Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sooooo, i'm at 299 sales transactions on my karinsArt Etsy store... 

To CELEBRATE  my 300th order  I'm giving away something VERY special,,, Ohhh Yesss... Ohhhhh Yessssss  Happy Shopping... 
♥karin           studio karin turner

*Pre- Order My latest Adult Coloring Pages! *
12+pages of karinsArt original uplifting images! 
8.5x11 individual sheets are packaged in their own clear box with a sturdy back board! you'll be able to color anywhere! 
these happy images are printed as 1-sided separate cardstock sheets for your coloring ease! - that means: no middle staples, or bulky fold humps (ya hear me lefties?) 
their box is tall enough to slide your own pack of pencils without causing extra bulk..
more pics soon, but hey...nothing wrong with planning a little surprise right? 
♥ karin
*Orders ship at the end of 1st full week in March 2017 - FRIDAY - 10 MARCH 2017 *
Yeahhh...all full of Uplifting Images! 
©2016-2017 all images are not to be reproduced, or copied. all rights reserved by the artist: 


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