Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sooooo, i'm at 299 sales transactions on my karinsArt Etsy store... 

To CELEBRATE  my 300th order  I'm giving away something VERY special,,, Ohhh Yesss... Ohhhhh Yessssss  Happy Shopping... 
♥karin           studio karin turner

*Pre- Order My latest Adult Coloring Pages! *
12+pages of karinsArt original uplifting images! 
8.5x11 individual sheets are packaged in their own clear box with a sturdy back board! you'll be able to color anywhere! 
these happy images are printed as 1-sided separate cardstock sheets for your coloring ease! - that means: no middle staples, or bulky fold humps (ya hear me lefties?) 
their box is tall enough to slide your own pack of pencils without causing extra bulk..
more pics soon, but hey...nothing wrong with planning a little surprise right? 
♥ karin
*Orders ship at the end of 1st full week in March 2017 - FRIDAY - 10 MARCH 2017 *
Yeahhh...all full of Uplifting Images! 
©2016-2017 all images are not to be reproduced, or copied. all rights reserved by the artist: 


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Love Is Always The By Product Of Love...The Art of Living Black 2017 Artists' Reception #karinsArt shares #PROOF!

#karinsart TAOLB2017 invite
Love Is Always The By Product Of Love...The Art of Living Black 2017 Artists' Reception is today...and  I invite you to share in this Lovely Loving Truth. 
-SAT.04Feb.2017  : 12-5pm 
-The Richmond Art Center
-2540 Barrett Ave,Richmond CA94804

My Contribution to this annual exhibit at the art center :  this original watercolor  " Reign with Love and Joy Mermaid" is available for collection. 

You may also purchase a hand embellished print from Heather Piazza at Creative Framing & Gallery! 
2700 Park Blvd. 
Oakland CA 94804 
- I'll be at the Gallery 
-SUN 26feb2017
11am -5pm
See You Soon...♥karin

Friday, February 03, 2017

See You Tonight: 03FEB2017 - 6-9pm Opening Reception at 2700 Park Blvd, Oakland CA 94606

studio karin turner karinsArt Opening Reception: 03FEB2017  6-9pm 
 See You Tonight: 03FEB2017 - 6-9pm Opening Reception at 
Creative Framing & Gallery
2700 Park Blvd, Oakland CA 94606
karinsArt Paintings: 
Loving Joyous Aspirational Images that ask 
nothing more than you give yourself a daily opportunity to be great. 
#karinsArtLuvsU #proof 

So... it's rainy today/forecasted to be a rainy evening during the reception hours as well... a literal damper...
I'm a sun baby too...but what are ya gonna do?...Somebody greater than I invented rain and holds the patent on when it's used...LOL ! 
I hope you 'know' this too, and I'll see you 
inspite (or) because of the rain tonight. ♥ 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

GOBLETS $ALE now...♥

karinsArt hand painted glasses are available now for purchase
contact me
  @karinsart  instagram...
 or FB instant message  karinturner.18 

all glasses $35ea + shpg. 
vessels $35med /$40large +shpg
roundettes $25ea + shpg 
votives $20ea +shpg 
click thru to my google photos album to see full views of items below okie dokie? ♥k





karinsArt  hand painted  glasses are now available ...


Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Dia de Los Muertos 2016... A Day to I Choose to Honor the Dead who made me feel a smile...

karin turner   karinsArt   in studio honoring her Dead FolksLuscious One,
Happy Dia de Los Muertos 2016... A Day to I Choose to Honor the Dead  who made me feel a smile ,  by offering  an infectious JOYous Smile...for YOU the Living...

Know this:  You too have enough in YOU for each living Soul You See Today! Okay?
#karinsartLuvsU   #PROOF 

karin turner karinsArt in studio

karin turner karinsArt   in studio early a.m. thinking of you...

2016 Finds me full up with feeling Blessed with Life and Grateful for Exhibit Opportunities  --
I'll continue by month long birthday celebration at 

ROSENBLUM CELLARS - tasting room
sat. 19NOV2016
3PM - 7PM   
(near the ferry boardlwalk entrance)OAKLAND, CA 94607        877-GR8-ZINS  
PLEASE JOIN me  at my artist's meet & greet for a life's toast, and some party games ! 
and umm... booze...the tasTy grown up kind of wine! 
21&over...NO ENTRY fee. HOST BAR.
 really good karinsArt giveaway raffle items though. ♥k

It is always an Honor when someone chooses to collect my karinsArt creations to give as a Gift! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#karinsart #karinsartluvsu #joy 
Sending YOU some JOY and LOVE today...Life is Luscious! ♥k

#karinsart #karinsartteapot #joy #purple

Commissions accepted for Custom hand painted ceramics Just4U!...Now until 15May2015.. . 
Purchase this luscious purple teapot $100* + shipping! 
contact me ♥ or via

Friday, February 20, 2015

KarinsArt Celebrates The Art of Living Black 2015 At American Steel Studios,Oakland CA

See You Soon at karinsArt's public studio for TAOLB 2015. 
Oasis Gallery ~ American Steel Studios 1960 Mandela Pkwy, Oakland CA 94607
x-st. W.Grand/20th St.  
Welcome...this event is free and Open to all ages. 
sat/sun 28feb-01mar 11a-6p
1st fri. 06mar 6-9p 
sat/sun 07-08mar 11a-6p
original karinsArt paintings, special prints, gift items, and of course,
 free hugs & Joy.
studio karin turner ♥ 
TEXT :  KARINSART to 22828 to join my email list! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Asked For It....

You Asked For It....(Or Rather...I finally Get It!) 
Thankyou for your Patronage and Support this 
2013Holiday Season!

I am so very pleased to invite you to collect my hand painted CERAMICS in my KarinsArt Etsy store

KarinsArt 2014 Desktop Calendars & 2014 refills are available too! 
*As a Thankyou for your patronage, I've added some **2013 Holiday XtraSpecially priced Prints & Gifty items for your discovery!! 
Thankyou ever so much for your interest in KarinsArt. 
*limited items available til they're gone...but heya...they're here...and they're really nicely priced!!.*
TEXT: KARINSART to 22828 to join my email list...